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About Anna

I first discovered glass bead making on a trip to a bead fair in 2005. At the time I was searching for unusual beads to use in the jewellery I was making. However, I came away with something much better. Armed with a kit and a book I started to learn to make my own beads, which I continue to enjoy to this day. 

Each bead starts as a coloured glass rod, which is melted, manipulated and formed around a mandrel (steel rod) in a flame. Once made, the bead is cooled very slowly in a kiln, this ensures the bead is strong and won't crack or break. Lastly, they are cleaned before I make them into highly individual and unique pieces of jewellery.

 I have demonstrated glass bead making at local shows and for several years I have been part of the Isle of Wight Arts Open Studios.

I occasionally run 'Bead Jewellery Parties'. This involves a small 'party' of people each making a unique necklace or key ring using my spare 'orphan' beads. 

New for March 2018 are my bead making workshops! Workshops for up to three people ranging from a one hour taster up to a three hour beginners class. Please keep an eye on the news link at the bottom of the home page for the latest updates.

Enjoy a browse through my shop. My beads are available as completed pieces of jewellery or can be supplied as a set of beads.

All prices include postage and packing. Jewellery is carefully presented in a silver box with tissue paper before being packaged ready for posting.  I welcome commissions so feel free to contact me via email or telephone see bottom of page for contact details.

My work is also for sale at: Quay Arts; Burfields, Rum's Eg and Brading Roman Villa.