Handmade Turquoise Glass Necklace

Transparent hollow bubble beads


Handmade turquoise glass necklace. Five individually created hollow bubble beads suspended on a fine necklace wire. I used shades of light and dark turquoise glass swirled with opaque pale blue.

One of my classic statement bubble necklaces. Each bead is slightly different from the next giving an impression of sky or sea on a beautiful day. These large glass beads are hollow therefore the necklace will be lightweight and comfortable to wear.

I made each bead on a hollow steel rod. I first melted the end of a glass rod in a flame then wrapped the glass around a steel rod in two places. For the next stage more glass is built up to create discs on either side of two tiny holes an inch or so from the end of the steel rod. The discs are melted towards each other and sealed making a hollow bead. Finally I enlarge the beads by gently blowing through the end of the steel rod.

Once made, I transform these bubble beads into a one of a kind necklace by supporting each one along a fine beading wire with small metallic blue seed beads. Secured in place with tiny crimp beads and finished with a sterling silver trigger/lobster clasp.

Coordinates perfectly with turquoise drop earrings.


Bead diameters – approximately 27mm

Length of necklace from end to end – 44.5cm

Free postage to UK. All jewellery is carefully packaged in a box.



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