Handmade glass beads, unique jewellery, accessories, bead making workshops, embroidery, paper mâché and ceramics

I have enjoyed making my own glass beads in my garden studio on the Isle of Wight since 2005.

The process involves melting the end of a glass rod in a flame, then wrapping the molten glass around a steel rod. Dozens of colours and a vast array of techniques means the scope for unique bead designs is almost limitless.

I like to use my beads to make bead sets, key rings and simply strung, but striking jewellery. Do take a look at my gallery or visit my Etsy shop or Instagram page via the links below to see my work.

When I’m not engrossed in making beads, I love creating embroidery, quirky paper mâché characters and ceramics.


Glass bead making workshops are available in my studio for 1-3 people. Please CLICK HERE for more details.

News for 2022

A big thank you to all who came along to my open studio and made it a success this year!

- My shop is now all in one place, click on Etsy icon below to take a look.


- Quay Arts, Newport, PO30 5BD

- Chessell Pottery Cafe, PO41 0UE

- La Wode, Bembridge, PO35 5XN

- Seahorse Yarns and Crafts, New Milton, BH25 5SZ